Website design explained

Website Design

Overwhelmed by the idea of launching a website or creating an online presence? MIA Consulting understands this in detail and can help you through the entire process.

Good design, with its unique look, feel and functionality, is what brings a website to life. It’s what makes visitors want to click around and even bookmark the site for return visits. As our web designers and developers will tell you, there is a lot to consider when creating a website.

Design: Your website is the first chance you get to make a good impression.

Accessibility: If your customers can’t access it, your design will not matter.

Content: If your content isn’t concise and relevant, your website will go unnoticed.

Our creative website team has been building websites for the last 15 years. Let us put our experience to work for you. We can help you create a web presence that is both functional and well designed. We can definitely help you put your best foot forward.

  • Some of our clients

    American Rigging

    American Rigging and Fabrication offers specialized services in rigging and fabrication.
    We created a website that focuses on all of their areas of expertise and showcase some of their specialties. We provided custom design work and graphic creation and finished it off with content writing.

  • Some of our clients

    Lewis Fence and Deck

    Lewis Fence and Deck is a local fencing company that is customer oriented and prides themselves on creating unique design solutions.
    We created a website solution that focuses on their product images and gives them that "WOW" effect. By focusing on their fence photography we are successfully showcasing their talents in an easy to view website.

  • Some of our clients

    Idaho Afterschool Network

    The Idaho Afterschool Network works to pair school age children up with after school programs in their community.
    We created a new Wordpress website for them to easily update themselves, and then we integrated a database for registered programs. End users can easily search for programs using several different filters.

  • Some of our clients


    NetMaps - created by the University of Idaho is a new way to map noxious weeds. It utilizes ground susceptibility maps so you know where to look to cover the most likely habitats for each species.
    We created a new website that focuses on the NetMaps system and provides tutorials for how to use the program and peripherals. We integrated video, graphics, and hands on step-by-step guides.






MIA Consulting has been involved in many types of projects. We have assembled a team that has successfully developed solutions for many different companies.  We spend the time to develop a complete solution for all of our clients. We are never intimidated by large requests or urgent deadlines, and we believe that quality should always be our number one priority.



  • Meet our deadlines
  • Stick to the budget
  • Provide options
  • Exceed expectations
  • Knowledgeable
  • Come highly recommended
  • Flexible
Obtain Contract
Gather Info
Hear Client's Ideas
Develop the Project
Product Launch
Enjoy It Live

Services Offered

Click on any of our services below to see more information.

Website Design Nice & Clean

We design, create, and can maintain completely customizable websites. We can create custom brandable designs that effectively communicate your given message to your target audience.

GIS Services Tell Your Story

We use the latest GIS technologies to help our clients best manage their situations. We can help improve communication and efficiency between different teams, departments, disciplines, professional fields, organizations, and the public using GIS-based products and maps.

Environmental Monitoring Find Out What's Goin' On!

We travel to designated regions, establish field sites following pre-determined protocols, employ GIS/GPS and custom data managers to conduct monitoring (including site characterization, plant/insect identification, and plant/insect variable measurements), analyze all resulting data, conduct pertinent literature reviews, and compile all results in final reports in the context of results found region- or world-wide.

Database Development Customizable

For those systems not based in GIS, we consolidate existing and fragmented databases to better and more efficiently meet the needs of the client. If no system is currently in place, we create (and can maintain) completely customizable databases.

Print and Design Endless Possibilities

We take your supplied content and design books, visual guides, presentations, brochures, newsletters and posters for diverse audiences spanning a range of topics to communicate your message in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Technical Writing To The Point

We specialize in (but are not limited to) informative manuals, scientific articles for scholarly journals, land management strategic plans, public outreach plans and grants.