• Client: US Forest Service, University of Idaho
  • Skills used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Database Management, Technical Writing

Field Guide
A field guide for easy identification of new invasive weeds not yet on land manager's radars, compiled, designed, and written by MIA Consulting.

By the time many invasive species are on the radar, they have become widely established. The purpose of this guide was to help land users recognize new invasive plants, so they can be treated rapidly and eradicated rather than becoming large and expensive problems. MIA Consulting worked with federal and state land managers to devise the most appropriate species list. MIA Consulting then compiled and wrote all content for the guide, and designed a custom layout to best showcase the information. The final product was submitted to the Federal Government Printing Office for publication, and MIA Consulting prepared the electronic version of the guide to be compliant with Section 508 Standards for hosting on federal websites.