• Client: Idaho County Weed Control, USDI BLM, US Forest Service
  • Skills Used: Plant & Insect Identification, Transect Monitoring, GIS, Statistical Analyses, Technical Writing, Report Design
  • Project Duration: 4 years

Idaho County Biological Control Monitoring

A multi-year study to determine the efficacy and future potential of biological control on multiple invasive plant species in Idaho County.

In 2009, MIA Consulting, in conjunction with Idaho County Weed Control, the USDI BLM, and the US Forest Service, initiated a post-release biocontrol monitoring program to determine the effectiveness of numerous releases that have occurred throughout the region since 1979. This study was continued each year through 2012. Additional baseline data was collected on weed systems for which biological control agents are expected to be approved for release in the near future. All results were analyzed and placed in the context of agent efficacy throughout North America. Conclusions and recommendations were compiled into easy-to-understand reports and distributed to all interested stakeholders.