• Client: University of Idaho, USDI BLM
  • Skills Used: Plant & Insect Identification, GIS, Plot Monitoring, Statistical Analyses, Technical Writing
  • Project Duration: 7 years

Hells Canyon Idaho Hawksbeard Monitoring A seven-year study monitoring the impacts of multiple variables on a rare and sensitive plant species.

Idaho hawksbeard, Crepis bakeri ssp. idahoensis, is a rare and sensitive plant species currently listed as a Rangewide/Globally Imperiled Species-High Endangerment. This plant is endemic to the tri-state region of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Because of the imperiled status of this species, a seven-year study was conducted by MIA Consulting (in conjunction with the University of Idaho and the USDI BLM) to determine the impacts of multiple variables on this species. These variables included: ungulate herbivory, insect herbivory, competition from the invasive plant species yellow starthistle, competition from other invasive species, competition from yellow starthistle subjected to heavy levels of biological control, and combinations of these variables. All results were statistically analyzed, and results were compiled into annual reports distributed among interested stakeholders.